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Hebbevu by Nisarga Woods Pvt Ltd is an agro-realty company headquartered in Bangalore India. It is established with the vision of using the power of both agro-realty and high-end timber production to result in maximized returns for its investors. Our company is backed by an expert team with a combined experience of 30 years in agriculture, horticulture, agro-production, technology and innovation.

Hebbevu operates with the sole goal of creating profits for customers who have channeled their investments into our projects with complete trust. We work towards the common goal of generating maximized returns while maintaining ecological integrity. Our extensive experience in cultivating crops and our good network in the timber industry ensure optimized production and decent sale price on harvest.

Hebbevu Vision & Values

Vision & Values

To establish Hebbevu as the most loved & trusted agro-realty company which creates highly profitable farming businesses, that deliver a life of happiness to our employees, vendors and most importantly, our customers.

At Hebbevu we always value the eco system with an innovative technologies. We believe in quality, equality & ethics .

Meet the Team

We are right in the middle of a Global Warming and a big boom of population increase, with expanding disposable income and fast growing food demand. In such climate conditions as this, Hebbevu intends to mobilize knowledge, innovation and best practices to cater an evolving agri- business market, where people want to get back to the basics. Our powerful core team is backed by the people with 3 Decades of farming experience along with BSC Agriculture candidates on every site and with a passionate team of Agriculture consultants and Advisors to make sure we reach our vision.

Hebbevu Team Leaders

Mr. Amith Kishan

Managing Director

Hebbevu Team Leaders

Mr. Ashrith Kishan

Co-Founder & Managing Partner